மூடநம்பிக்கை மற்றும் பொய்யான செய்திகள்

There are a lot of myths and fake news that are both dangerous to yourselves and others circulating on Social Media. Never share any information that you have not verified yourself or that isn't from official sources, it will do more harm than good.
Here we have compiled a list of common myths and fake news about COVID-19. We have also linked the source of the article which proves it.

Does Drinking water and keeping your throat moist kills COVID-19 ?

No, There has been messages circulating on Social media stating that drinking (preferably hot) water and keeping your throat moist can help prevent an infection. The messages also cite different health organizations. This is a myth.
There _**_is no real evidence suggesting that drinking (hot or cold) water can help prevent a கொரொனா வைரஸ் Infection.

Does COVID-19 spread thorough Air ?

No, COVID-19 is not airborne, meaning it does not spread through Air. It spreads through contact with droplets containing the வைரஸ் from the nose and mouths of people who are infected.
Even though the வைரஸ் is not airborne there is still considerable risk as the வைரஸ் is highly contagious. Follow the instructions given below to take necessary precautions.